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The retail sector faces relentless upheaval, but technology can equip merchants to ride the waves of change. By upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, retailers gain the speed, flexibility and insight needed to adapt in competitive times.

As a retailer employing out-dated systems, you likely grumble over sluggish sales reports and complex inventory management. Your customers grumble too over inaccurate stock counts and stagnant loyalty programs. Modern consumers expect personalized offers and seamless omnichannel experiences. Can your rigid legacy systems deliver?

Migration to S/4HANA transforms every aspect of retail operations for the digital age. Here’s how:

Harness Data for Agility

With an in-memory platform, S/4HANA processes transactions and complex analytics together in real time. Executives gain immediate insights to adjust pricing, ordering and marketing strategies on the fly. Empower your people to course-correct based on ever-changing market conditions.

Unify Channels

Create a single version of the truth with centralized customer, product and order data. This allows associates to deliver consistent omni-channel experiences across stores, ecommerce, mobile etc. Build loyalty through customized offers and robust CRM wherever customers shop. 

Innovate Fearlessly

Speed and agility free you to test creative initiatives without disrupting daily business. Experiment with new monetization models facilitated by S/4HANA’s flexible core. Take risks, gather learning, and double down on what delights customers. 

Automate Tasks

Let intelligent technologies handle tedious, error-prone manual work so employees can focus on providing personalized service. Automate everything from inventory counts to invoice processing and free your people to have meaningful shopper interactions.

Though the ground continually shifts below retailers’ feet, S/4HANA delivers the stability, insight and adaptability needed to stay ahead. With consumer-centricity and future-readiness built into its DNA, S/4HANA ensures merchants can tackle whatever disruptions come next.

Beyond boosting operations, S/4HANA also unlocks game-changing emerging technologies to take retail to the next level. Integration with internet of things sensors across supply chains provides complete visibility for proactive planning. Native AI/ML capacities open doors for predictive demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, individualized promotions and more. Voice, visual, and video interfaces revolutionize associate and shopper experiences. The time to transform is now. S/4HANA brings together mission-critical stability and infinite opportunity for breakaway growth. Retailers who embrace it will thrive amid industry turbulence today and emerge as unbeatable enterprises of tomorrow.

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