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The performance reporting system is facing three main issues. Firstly, the vendor who provides the reporting system is misreporting performance values, leading to inaccurate data being presented. Secondly, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to measure performance are not standardized, leading to variations in metrics used at local and central levels. Lastly, the current KPI reporting mechanism is labor-intensive and slow, making it difficult to accurately measure and improve performance. These issues can impede the ability to identify areas of improvement and make effective decisions. ‎


The requirement section is focused on automating the reporting process and validating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This includes dynamic reporting and trending with the use of graphs and charts, as well as automated notifications via SMS and email for any faults that occur, with an option for instant escalation as per established business rules. The goal is to make the reporting process more efficient and accurate.


The requirement section is focused on reducing deviation in parameters, reducing call drop rate by 25%, reducing access failure rate by 10%, establishing the correct Network Base Station (NBH), achieving savings of approximately $40k in vendor payments, having absolute control and visibility over the network, performing root cause analysis and alarm correlation. The goal is to improve the network performance and reduce operational costs.