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The current system uses legacy systems for feasibility, inventory and service delivery, however, there is a lack of interoperability between these systems. Additionally, there is inadequate monitoring of SLA based services and CEM (customer experience management). Managing and integrating physically distributed network segments such as OSPF, VRF, Public, etc. is also a challenge.


To address these issues, a new system is needed that can provide fault isolation, alarm correlation, and ticketing. Additionally, the system should include GIS visualization capabilities for a huge network infrastructure of 70k+ RF towers. It should also be workflow-driven, enabling feasibility checks and services delivery.


With the implementation of this new system, there will be a reduction in fault response time (from 40 minutes to 10 minutes) and fault rectification time (from 24 hours to 8-10 hours). The system will also make it easier to integrate with legacy systems and multi-vendor nodes. Additionally, it will provide Fresnel zone-based LOS and bandwidth feasibility, as well as proactive monitoring with regards to SLA (service level agreements).