March 31, 2018


Dyotis is a team of Creative professionals and Entrepreneurs committed to establishing long-term relationships with our Clients and Business Partners. Compelled to have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and concerns, we provide total Business Solutions with an uncompromising level of excellence and integrity.

We are in the business of software development, consulting and training. We help companies around the world streamline their processes, save on their IT spending, and simply do business better. We deliver you top-notch software solutions at an affordable price. It’s time to think of ways that would change your business forever.

Our team is made up of highly-qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals each with their own area of expertise. Together our experience spans the full range of custom software development, from small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems for major enterprises.

We provide wide range of software services to businesses in many industry sectors.  We work closely with you to meet your very specific business/software needs.

Offering a comprehensive range of services provides our clients with maximum flexibility.  We have the ability to take on complete projects, or to apply our expertise only on specific phases of the project cycle.

Company Profile

Our ability to deliver working solutions that give your business wings has always been a part of our DNA. Successful delivery means satisfied clients, who are happy to provide the word-of-mouth referrals that will power our growth and establish our track record.


The Dyotis Difference

Our exceptionally deep technical expertise allows us to take on projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by other developers.

Our size, stability and track record gives our clients confidence and assurance that we will be able to deliver working solutions – and support, maintain and enhance these for as long as required.
We believe in working together with our clients to understand their unique needs and working methods.

In our experience, working together consistently results in the creation of intelligent solutions that meet our client’s evolving business demands. This collaborative style of working has resulted in the development of award-winning software.


Our Approach – Combined Intelligence

By combining our intelligence and experience with our client’s knowledge, understanding and business vision, we are able to define and deliver working solutions.

We understand the business needs of our clients, and how technology can be a tool to make modern businesses more profitable. Adding real business value is our ultimate measure of success.

We value creativity and collaboration – ideas are shared and everybody contributes to the common goal.

We work in teams for each project, assembling the best possible combination of skills and experience to meet the client’s needs and deliver high quality solutions.